The new Street Magazine is here!

For all US-Car enthusiasts among you, here is a small overview of what the upcoming Street Magazine has to offer!

"THE mandatory reading" for all fans of US cars, muscle cars & Co.

Content Street Magazine No. 2-2013:

35 RAT ROD FIAT | Falling Apart? Ha!

'61 BUICK ELECTRA CUSTOM | Lowrider is a little higher ...

'56 COMMER PICKUP CUSTOM | Uncommon Pickup ...

72's PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA | Muscles and Sexappeal

70's CHEVROLET NOVA SS | The Sleeper - Compact with Power

'77 CHEVY CAMARO LT | Now an Exception

'69 PLYMOUTH GTX | Big Block Boss ...

FORD 1928/ 1932 HOT ROD | Model A and B in one?

MUSCLE CARS II | Mustang Mach1 Boss, Cobra Jet 1969-71

ON TOUR | With Camaro private on Route 66

TECHNOLOGY | Carburettor overhaul

TÜV | Street Legal?

DRAG RACING | Tierp Drag Racing Arena, dates

SATIRE | Helges Punks and Cars

Plus meetings, appointments, scene, classifiications, and so forth...

In stores April 2nd, 2013!


STREET MAGAZINE American Cars, Lifestyle & Scene

Read it – experience it: “STREET Magazine“ and “STREET Mag Shows“ – the perfect couple, when it comes to American car culture and the newest trends in the scene!

For nearly 20 years, the “STREET Magazine“ is the specialist magazine of the German-speaking world, when it comes to the American car scene and those associated lifestyles. If you are interested in the many-faceted American car culture – such as hot rods, customs, muscle cars, lowriders, new-age cars, NASCAR race cars, dragsters, or whether you prefer classics from the twenties to the seventies, –, the “STREET Magazine“ is a strong recommendation for you.

In addition to the very detailed and informative articles about the finest American cars of the decades, or to the many sought out vehicles from Europe, such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and many more, this also including from the United States, the “STREET Magazine“ also offers an excellent overview of all kinds of lifestyles associated with the German and international American car scene. From Rock ’n’ Roll to tattoos, and pinup-art to the latest trends, you're sure to find something that keeps you wanting more!

On top of that, you get exciting photo reportages about all the American motorsport sectors. Including information on the German and international trade shows, useful hints from our tech specialists, and a detailed overview of all the well-known used and new American car dealers. As well as auto shops, importers, parts and accessory suppliers, and even event hints. Or maybe you are looking for an American car, a rare part, or simply want to sell some parts or even your car– and for that we have a large classified section for you to browse through!

The “STREET Magazine“ is the only specialist magazine of the German-speaking world, hosting a series of events within Germany, Switzerland and Austria every year – and with remarkable success for more than two decades. But the “STREET Mag Shows“, involving more than 2,000 American cars and motorcycles all over Europe– just know, that these are not your regular American vehicle events.

Our diverse program includes many events such as: a moderated stage presentation, a car contest with an expert panel, live music, show acts, drag racing performances, and different American foods. The “STREET Mag Shows“ are always an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Not to mention a must for everyone who is enthusiastic about the American way of driving, thundering Harley-twins and that unique sound of big-bore American V8 engines!

The “STREET Magazine“ is packed with more than 100 pages, comes out six times a year and is available to you in gas stations, kiosks, newspaper stands at airports and railway stations, and at the periodicals rack in the supermarket in the German-speaking world. In case you prefer the easy way (especially if you are not from Germany, Switzerland or Austria), you can also order your subscription worldwide, and you will always find your newest copy waiting for you in your mailbox.

And don’t forget to visit our website!


Port handling and unloading of vehicles

In order to keep the risk of damage down as much as possible during shipping and unloading from the container, we placed particular importance to professional loading in the USA and unloading without the aid of forklift trucks. Since the majority of the unloading companies in the Netherlands unfortunately do not forego the use of fork lift trucks, we have switched to importing all vehicles to Europe via Bremerhaven. In addition to the cheaper costs for port handling and possible stand fees, we can thus guarantee our customers proper unloading. Of course, when importing via Bremerhaven, there is also the option of customs clearance at reduced import taxes for vehicles that are more than 30 years old. Customs clearance takes place at the Dutch border in the course of delivery. The costs incurred are the same as the costs for an import via the Netherlands, but with the reduced risk of damage we strive for and the full control of the entire import process.

Should you have any further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email!

Customs clearance of vehicles (vintage cars) in France or the Netherlands

Customs clearance of vehicles (vintage cars) in France or the Netherlands

There was a time when the customs clearance of classic cars in the Netherlands and France was a common practice. However, times have changed, and this process is now less frequently used. In this article, we offer you up-to-date and practical solutions, guiding you safely through the customs maze.

Customs clearance via France or the Netherlands

Classic Car Import into the EU: Customs and VAT

The interest in importing classic cars from overseas is steadily growing. While finding the perfect vehicle is a challenge in itself, the subsequent bureaucratic process often proves to be a complex endeavor. One of the central questions importers ask is which EU country is best for customs clearance of their vehicle.

VAT Rates in the Most Popular Countries: An Overview

  • France: 5.5% VAT
  • Germany: 7% VAT
  • Netherlands: 9% VAT
  • Austria: 13% VAT

In all the mentioned countries, no customs duties apply.

It's possible to clear customs for vehicles in any of these EU countries after importing them. For this, only the creation of a T1 transit document is necessary. This allows for the transportation of the vehicle to the desired customs office.

Customs Clearance in Germany: A Wise Choice

In the past, it was often attractive to import vehicles via the Netherlands due to their lower import duties compared to Germany. However, this has changed. Today, the import duties in the Netherlands are even higher than in Germany. Therefore, we generally recommend customs clearance via Bremerhaven. This saves additional transfer costs, and Germany also offers favorable import duties for classic cars.

France: Worth Considering for Luxury Classic Cars

Although Germany is often the first choice for customs clearance, France, with its lower VAT, still holds a certain allure, especially when considering the purchase of high-priced classic cars. However, keep in mind that additional handling and transfer costs will apply.


Importing a classic car requires careful planning and consideration. It's essential to consider all costs, including import duties and potential transfer costs, in advance. With the right strategy and preparation, the dream of owning a classic car can easily become a reality.


Succesful launch of | USCar Trader

We are thrilled about the successful start of our portal and would like to thank all users and dealers for the consistently positive feedback!

We have already noted some suggestions from users for the further development of the portal and will incorporate them. You are welcome to send us further suggestions for improvement, as we are grateful for your praise and criticism.

If you have any further suggestions, use our inquiry form or send us an email to [email protected]. Of course, we can also be reached by phone at any time.

Your USCar Trader Team


The Street Mag Show Hannover will start in just a few days.

As always, we expect these great highlights:

  • '59 Cadillac Pro Mod Dragster "Badillac" from Sweden! The strength of 3,000 hp in a cool package!.
  • An Impressive lowrider show with spectacular vehicles.
  • Awards for the best and most original show cars by an expert jury in 22 trophy classes. Presented by Otto Meyer-Spelbrink.
  • Sexy Car Wash
  • Live music with the "Red Back Spyders"

The Red Back Spyders perform wild rockabilly, as well as well known Rock 'n' Roll pieces from the early 50's to today! The lifestyle, but also the goal of creating your own is the basis of these energetic shows!

We looking forward to seeing you there and hope to, as always, have perfect weather and sunshine!

Start of, the marketplace for vehicles from the United States

Start of, the marketplace for vehicles from the United States

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