The new Street Magazine is here!


For all US-Car enthusiasts among you, here is a small overview of what the upcoming Street Magazine has to offer!

"THE mandatory reading" for all fans of US cars, muscle cars & Co.

Content Street Magazine No. 2-2013:

35 RAT ROD FIAT | Falling Apart? Ha!

'61 BUICK ELECTRA CUSTOM | Lowrider is a little higher ...

'56 COMMER PICKUP CUSTOM | Uncommon Pickup ...

72's PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA | Muscles and Sexappeal

70's CHEVROLET NOVA SS | The Sleeper - Compact with Power

'77 CHEVY CAMARO LT | Now an Exception

'69 PLYMOUTH GTX | Big Block Boss ...

FORD 1928/ 1932 HOT ROD | Model A and B in one?

MUSCLE CARS II | Mustang Mach1 Boss, Cobra Jet 1969-71

ON TOUR | With Camaro private on Route 66

TECHNOLOGY | Carburettor overhaul

TÜV | Street Legal?

DRAG RACING | Tierp Drag Racing Arena, dates

SATIRE | Helges Punks and Cars

Plus meetings, appointments, scene, classifiications, and so forth...

In stores April 2nd, 2013!