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Read it – experience it: “STREET Magazine“ and “STREET Mag Shows“ – the perfect couple, when it comes to American car culture and the newest trends in the scene!

For nearly 20 years, the “STREET Magazine“ is the specialist magazine of the German-speaking world, when it comes to the American car scene and those associated lifestyles. If you are interested in the many-faceted American car culture – such as hot rods, customs, muscle cars, lowriders, new-age cars, NASCAR race cars, dragsters, or whether you prefer classics from the twenties to the seventies, –, the “STREET Magazine“ is a strong recommendation for you.

In addition to the very detailed and informative articles about the finest American cars of the decades, or to the many sought out vehicles from Europe, such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and many more, this also including from the United States, the “STREET Magazine“ also offers an excellent overview of all kinds of lifestyles associated with the German and international American car scene. From Rock ’n’ Roll to tattoos, and pinup-art to the latest trends, you're sure to find something that keeps you wanting more!

On top of that, you get exciting photo reportages about all the American motorsport sectors. Including information on the German and international trade shows, useful hints from our tech specialists, and a detailed overview of all the well-known used and new American car dealers. As well as auto shops, importers, parts and accessory suppliers, and even event hints. Or maybe you are looking for an American car, a rare part, or simply want to sell some parts or even your car– and for that we have a large classified section for you to browse through!

The “STREET Magazine“ is the only specialist magazine of the German-speaking world, hosting a series of events within Germany, Switzerland and Austria every year – and with remarkable success for more than two decades. But the “STREET Mag Shows“, involving more than 2,000 American cars and motorcycles all over Europe– just know, that these are not your regular American vehicle events.

Our diverse program includes many events such as: a moderated stage presentation, a car contest with an expert panel, live music, show acts, drag racing performances, and different American foods. The “STREET Mag Shows“ are always an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Not to mention a must for everyone who is enthusiastic about the American way of driving, thundering Harley-twins and that unique sound of big-bore American V8 engines!

The “STREET Magazine“ is packed with more than 100 pages, comes out six times a year and is available to you in gas stations, kiosks, newspaper stands at airports and railway stations, and at the periodicals rack in the supermarket in the German-speaking world. In case you prefer the easy way (especially if you are not from Germany, Switzerland or Austria), you can also order your subscription worldwide, and you will always find your newest copy waiting for you in your mailbox.

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