New EU cars as an alternative


Ford is one of the traditional brands in the automotive industry in Germany. The US car manufacturer entered the German market as early as 1925. Today, new Ford cars are manufactured in Europe at the main plant in Cologne and other EU production sites. With models such as the Ford Mondeo, Focus, Fiesta, Ka and many others, Ford offers its customers primarily mid-range and small cars in numerous equipment variants.

Reimports: thanks to differentiated pricing policy

Re-imports are now used by many car buyers as a low-cost alternative than buying through the local dealer. This also applies to new Ford cars. Reimported cars were originally produced for other EU markets. Car manufacturers pursue a differentiated pricing policy in the individual national markets, depending on purchasing power or tax regulations, vehicles are often offered there at significantly lower prices than in Germany. Reimports allow these price margins to be exploited despite the transaction costs, and a re-imported new Ford car can therefore be significantly cheaper than a normal dealer's vehicle despite the discounts granted. The price advantage can be in the range of 20 to 30 percent.

Watch out for EU vehicles

It is important for re-imports that the vehicles are EU vehicles. Then, thanks to the EU regulations regarding warranties and guarantees, the same regulations apply as in Germany, with the buyer receiving the usual two-year manufacturer's warranty. With other re-imports, the situation is different. Incidentally, re-imported Ford EU new cars do not differ in quality from normal Ford vehicles. Only the standard equipment may vary slightly depending on the conditions in the original target countries. If necessary, longer waiting times for ordered vehicles may have to be accepted for re-imports.

Ford EU new cars: there are many possibilities

There are many dealers in Germany who carry new EU cars in their range or who have specialised completely in such re-imports. EU vehicles at for example, the customer can even take advantage of a wide range of services.

The advantage of buying from an EU vehicle dealer is that many models are in stock and can therefore be purchased without long waiting times. Many dealers are present with their offers on the Internet and you can even find some search engines with which you can search online for new EU cars.