Frequently Asked Questions

About USCar Trader

What is USCar Trader?

USCar Trader is an independent Internet portal whose purpose is to bring the American vehicle market and prospective vehicle buyers from all over the world together in order to cater to the demand for vehicles from the US and Canada.
The market place provides an opportunity to find vehicles on the American market and acquire them directly from sellers without going through middlemen.

What are the advantages of USCar Trader?

The vehicles are sold directly by American sellers so there are no dealer markups. USCar Trader does not take a share of the vehicle sale proceeds and does not receive any commission.
Apart from searching for vehicles the portal also offers buyers the opportunity to utilize an extensive range of services. Buyers benefit as well from the service providers’ favorable terms.

What service does USCar Trader offer?

USCar Trader provides an online platform on which sellers can place vehicles and offer them for sale to third parties. Prospective vehicle buyers can access this range of vehicles free of charge.

USCar Trader also offers buyers on the portal the option of accessing various services that are required in connection with buying a vehicle including delivery to a designated destination. However, there is no obligation to utilize these services. Detailed explanations of the services offered are included under the heading Services.

Do I have to utilize the USCar Trader service?

No. Our marketplace does not oblige you do to do anything. You can obtain quotes for all services and decide for yourself which ones you would like to use.
You of course have the opportunity to acquire a vehicle you find through USCar Trader from an American seller and subsequently conduct all the necessary steps yourself.

What security do I have when buying through USCar Trader?

By using the services offered, such as purchase transaction, vehicle inspection and escrow service etc., you have all the security-related measures needed to acquire a vehicle risk-free.

What does use of USCar Trader cost?

Use of the USCar Trader portal is free of charge to buyers. USCar Trader does not take a share of the vehicle sale proceeds and does not receive any commission.
Quotes may be obtained free of charge for the services offered. Buyers benefit here from the favorable conditions offered by the service providers.

Can I buy a vehicle from USCar Trader?

USCar Trader does not buy, sell or broker any vehicles. The purchase agreement for a vehicle is concluded directly between buyer and seller. USCar Trader only provides an online platform, on which vehicles are offered for sale.

How does USCar Trader earn its money?

Dealers pay a low fee for placing their vehicles. USCar Trader itself offers services subject to charges such as support with the purchase transaction and vehicle inspection. USCar Trader also leases advertising space.

Vehicle purchase/settlement

How can I acquire a vehicle I found on USCar Trader?

You can contact the dealer directly or utilize our purchase transaction service.

Who is responsible for settling the purchase/handling transport etc.?

Use the Import calculator/request quote form to receive a quote in which all the relevant costs are listed exactly.
It is up to you to choose the service you actually want to make use of.

Do I get a total invoice for the vehicle?

You receive a purchase invoice (purchase agreement) from the American seller and an invoice for the services you utilize as quoted.
The import duty notice with customs and import sales tax (VAT) will be handed to you after customs. VAT can also be stated separately.


How long does it take to ship a vehicle?

Depending on the vehicle location and the services applied for, the shipping period from purchase may take between one and two and a half months.

How are the vehicles shipped?

For pickup and delivery of vehicles only vehicle transporters are used. No vehicle may be shipped on its own wheels.
The sample calculation includes an estimate for shipping to Europe in a 40-foot container (two vehicles per container). There is also the triple shipping option (three vehicles per container). As the risk of damage to the vehicle is greater in this case, we recommend you take the shipping offered to you (two vehicles in a 40-foot container). If you still wish to ship your vehicle in a triple container, please add an endorsement under “Miscellaneous”.
Shipping by airfreight is possible too of course, although the cost is very high. If you require a quote, please add an appropriate comment under the “Miscellaneous” section.


Do I have to pay taxes on a vehicle in the USA/Canada?

All the quoted prices are exclusive of American taxes. If you export a vehicle from the US or Canada, no taxes are due.

Which import duties are incurred on import?

As soon as a vehicle comes from the US or another country to Europe, it has to be declared for duty. This normally means customs and import duty are incurred.
Depending on the destination country the vehicle can be subject to duty in Germany or any other destination country.

Is the 19% import duty (VAT) reclaimable/deductible?

Yes. Depending on where a vehicle has duty paid, the vehicle buyer obtains a duty assessment in which the import duty (VAT) is shown.

How high are the import duties?

For vehicles up to 30 years old 10% customs and 19% import sales tax apply in Germany. Vehicles manufactured before 1950 can be imported at reduced import duties of 0% customs and 7% import sales tax.
For vintage cars that are older than 30 or 40 years there is an option to pay customs and import duties at lower rates in the Netherlands or France:

Duties for vehicles in NL (older than 30 years) – 0% customs and 19% import sales tax, Duties for vehicles in F (older than 40 years) – 0% customs and 5.5% import sales tax.

Companies with a VAT ID number can pay the import sales tax by paying duty in their country. Of course you also have the option of paying duty in any other designated country in Europe or to export to another country.
Please contact us at any time if you have questions about customs and taxes.


Do the vehicles have a guarantee?

Depending on the vehicle some manufacturers offer a worldwide manufacturer’s warranty for new vehicles. Please contact the manufacturer in the vehicle’s designated country for information.

Under the guarantee tab in every vehicle profile you have the chance to inquire about guarantee insurance for all vehicles. We recommend this insurance for new or late model vehicles.

Where can I have my vehicle repaired under warranty?

If you take out guarantee insurance you can have your vehicle repaired at any workshop.
For a smooth operation it is important to contact the insurance in advance and send a cost proposal. Your insurer will provide further information.


Do I have to modify an imported vehicle?

Depending on the vehicle in Germany, for example, it requires a full TÜV inspection as per §21 and §13 StVO. (In other EU countries a full TÜV inspection in Germany is advantageous). Please note that a TÜV modification requires the vehicle to be free of technical faults.

What is required for modification of a vehicle?

To carry out modification work, which will turn out differently according to the vehicle and model, the following documents are required in Germany, for example:

US-Title/MSO or Ownership (Canadian imports)
Customs clearance certificate
KBA (notice from the Federal Motor Vehicle Office)
Vehicle spec sheet
Light measurement certificate
Exhaust emissions certificate

The modifier mechanic obtains all the necessary components and presents the vehicle at the testing station after modification.

General questions

What are the total costs I will have to pay?

With vehicle imports you essentially pay the purchase price, shipping and handling costs, customs duties and import taxes. Optional costs are for services such as purchase transaction, vehicle inspection, escrow service, modification, etc.

Is my vehicle insured in transit?

Normally vehicles are insured in transit by the shipper. As this insurance cover based on German shipping terms (ADSp) is limited, we recommend you take out extra insurance.
When you ask for a shipping services quote via the USCar Trader portal you automatically receive a quote for extra insurance. You are not obliged to take out this insurance, however.

I have a question that isn’t included here!

If you have any other questions, you can contact us at any time and we can answer them quickly.