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What is USCar Trader?

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What does use of USCar Trader cost?

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How does USCar Trader earn its money?

Vehicle purchase/settlement

How can I acquire a vehicle I found on USCar Trader?

Who is responsible for settling the purchase/handling transport etc.?

Do I get a total invoice for the vehicle?


How long does it take to ship a vehicle?

How are the vehicles shipped?


Do I have to pay taxes on a vehicle in the USA/Canada?

Which import duties are incurred on import?

Is the 19% import duty (VAT) reclaimable/deductible?

How high are the import duties?


Do the vehicles have a guarantee?

Where can I have my vehicle repaired under warranty?


Do I have to modify an imported vehicle?

What is required for modification of a vehicle?

General questions

What are the total costs I will have to pay?

Is my vehicle insured in transit?

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