Port handling and unloading of vehicles


In order to keep the risk of damage down as much as possible during shipping and unloading from the container, we placed particular importance to professional loading in the USA and unloading without the aid of forklift trucks. Since the majority of the unloading companies in the Netherlands unfortunately do not forego the use of fork lift trucks, we have switched to importing all vehicles to Europe via Bremerhaven. In addition to the cheaper costs for port handling and possible stand fees, we can thus guarantee our customers proper unloading. Of course, when importing via Bremerhaven, there is also the option of customs clearance at reduced import taxes for vehicles that are more than 30 years old. Customs clearance takes place at the Dutch border in the course of delivery. The costs incurred are the same as the costs for an import via the Netherlands, but with the reduced risk of damage we strive for and the full control of the entire import process.

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