Warranty for long-lasting US car enjoyment with repair cost insurance


The car health insurance for your import vehicle

Car liability, partial or comprehensive insurance - these are common insurance policies for car owners that everyone knows. Repair cost insurance, on the other hand, is a rarity but can make sense in connection with used vehicles. Thanks to the partnership with REKOGA AG, this insurance coverage is now available through USCar Trader at favorable conditions.

What is it about? Despite damage-free use and careful maintenance, repairs may be necessary for any vehicle. The older a car is and the more miles it has accumulated, the more likely this becomes. Anyone who has had to take their car to the shop knows that even seemingly minor defects and malfunctions can quickly lead to significant repair bills. Hundreds of dollars are almost the norm, and several thousand dollars are not uncommon.

Warranty for vehicles from the USA and CanadaGood protection against high repair costs

Especially those who own high-quality vehicles from the USA should factor in such repair needs. The special thing about this is that spare parts are often not as readily available as with common models from domestic production, and the repair effort is often greater in many cases. This drives up the repair bill. Repair cost insurance offers good protection against bills, particularly those that "break the mold."

The concept is simple: the insurance covers typical car components with possible repair needs - for example: engine, transmission, exhaust system, steering, brakes, etc. The specific parts covered depend on the respective tariff. If repair is needed for one of the insured parts, the insurance covers the costs. REKOGA AG offers several tariff options. They differ in terms of the scope of insured parts. For repairs, 100% of labor costs and a percentage of material costs are always reimbursed, depending on the vehicle's mileage. The scale ranges from 50% to 100% according to the rule: the newer or the less driven, the higher the material cost reimbursement. The insurance benefit is limited by the vehicle's current value and by tariff-dependent maximum amounts.

Repair costs vs. comprehensive insurance

The difference between repair cost insurance and comprehensive insurance

Some may wonder: doesn't comprehensive insurance also cover repair costs - do I need repair cost insurance? The answer is: in principle, yes, but... The partial comprehensive insurance only covers repair costs for damages caused by external factors, for which no one can be held liable. Full comprehensive insurance also covers self-inflicted damages. What is not covered are repairs needed due to failure, defects, and functional defects of parts - that is the subject of repair cost insurance. It represents additional protection to comprehensive insurance.

Who belongs to whom - what is REKOGA AG?

Rekoga AG is a specialty insurer focused on warranty insurance, including repair cost insurance. As an exclusive partner of Europa Insurance, Rekoga AG benefits from their decades of experience in high profitability and economic efficiency with powerful offerings at an affordable price. Since being integrated into the Continentale Insurance Association in 1983, Europa Insurance has operated as a direct insurer without costs for its own sales force, but with efficient structures.

The result is affordable and risk-appropriate tariffs with full service. By partnering with Rekoga AG, USCar Trader customers can benefit from these advantages and gain a strong cooperation partner for their insurance needs.


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