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USCar Trader — Your easy access to the largest car market in the world!

The US auto market remains unmatched worldwide when it comes to the range and variety of vehicles to offer. There are many desired vehicles in the US that won’t have you thinking twice of looking at dealerships within Europe. Re-imports of common brands from European manufacturers from North America can also be attractive in terms of price, because in the USA and Canada, there is often significantly lower prices than our own. So many already have taken advantage of this opportunity, wouldn’t you like to benefit from this as well? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The largest online portal for US vehicles in Europe.

USCar Trader is the car portal that gives you convenient and easy access to vehicles from the USA and Canada — specifically online. Whatever vehicle you are looking for — whether it be new, used, classic, limousine, convertible or SUV — you are guaranteed to find it with us. Even if you have a limited budget! On our site, we present offers from more than 50,000 dealers in the USA and Canada, which stands for a total of around 5 million vehicles in all model and price ranges for you to select from.

This makes USCar-Trader by far the largest European online portal for vehicles from North America. You not only benefit from a huge selection, but also from a multitude of services related to your car purchase. With our many years of experience of buying vehicles in North America and extensive knowledge of the vehicle market in the USA and Canada, you can wholeheartedly rely on us!