Vehicle import from USA & Canada - we offer the complete service! provides access to the vehicle market in the USA and offers a full import service.

Whether it's a classic car, pickup, van, SUV, sedan or a true vehicle rarity - the US vehicle market has a lot to offer! The only question is how to safely complete the purchase and bring the vehicle to its final destination? We offer you comprehensive services around US vehicle purchase, transport and import.

It does not matter whether you found the car through our site or elsewhere. We offer our service to all customers who want to import a vehicle from the USA or Canada. We take over the complete handling and transport to any place in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or any other country in Europe.

Services for imports of vehicles from the USA and Canada

Vehicle purchase as well as import safely and reliably from the expert for over 10 years!

You can rely on these services when buying a car in the US or Canada:

Vehicle inspection in the USA and Canada

Vehicle inspection:

The USCT AutoCheck ensures an independent inspection of the vehicle's condition before purchase. Your advantage: You do not buy the famous "pig in a poke".

Purchase processing in the USA and Canada

Purchase Processing:

We take over the complete purchase process for you - starting with the first dealer contact up to the purchase price negotiation and contract preparation. Your advantage: legal certainty and no problems due to language barriers.

Escrow service in the USA and Canada

Escrow Service:

With our escrow service, the transaction is processed without risk for the buyer. Your advantage: The seller receives his money from us while the vehicle is handed over properly.

Shipping from USA or Canada


We take care of the pickup of the vehicle, transport to the port of shipment as well as shipping incl. port handling and customs clearance. Your advantage: you do not have to organize it yourself and do not have to burden yourself with formalities.

Transport insurance for the transport


A powerful all-risk insurance offers comprehensive insurance cover for your vehicle as soon as the risk lies with you. Your advantage: elimination of the economic risk during collection and transport.

Conversion and Technical Inspection for imported vehicles


We arrange the necessary technical vehicle conversion for the technical inspection and obtain the registration. Your advantage: You save yourself the trouble of searching for a workshop, conducting the inspection and registration on your own and can use the vehicle immediately.

Registration of imported vehicles


Our partners take care of the registration of your vehicle, so that you can save yourself the trip to the registration office after delivery of the vehicle.

Delivery to the final desired location


We deliver your vehicle exactly where you want it - to any location in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Europe. Your advantage: You do not have to pick up the vehicle yourself at the port of arrival or organize the transport to you.

Our goal is for you to find the right vehicle for you. For this purpose, we already have a large number of vehicles on offer on our portal. Of course, there are many other platforms that you should definitely include in your search for the right vehicle.

And our service offers you even more benefits: You get all services from one source, have only one contact person, can rely on consistently high-quality standards in all service areas and all this at an attractive price!

Send us a direct inquiry via our inquiry form and we will get back to you with an attractive car import offer. Or you can call us! We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding your US vehicle import.

Your dream car from America or Canada - where you can still look!

Still looking for your US dream car? At USCT you will find a large selection of vehicles that are currently on offer in the USA or Canada. Of course, there is nothing to stop you from including other platforms in your search. This is even recommended. While there are often intersections in side offers, there is rarely congruence. The pickup, van or classic car of your dreams may have just been posted on another site.

We have compiled the largest and most common platforms for US vehicles and cars from Canada for you here. Good luck with your research!

Among the most important and largest platforms are:

Vehicle portals USA

CarGurus has existed since 2006 and originally started as a car community blog site and developed over time into a trade portal. Dealers are the preferred advertisers on CarGurus. CarGurus operates several country-specific sites, including in the USA.

Autotrader has been in existence since 1997 and is the largest platform for new and used cars operating in the USA. Approximately 3.5 million dealer ads are posted annually. The prices listed are almost all un-negotiated. A good reason to use the USCT service "Purchase Processing" (also applies to other portals). was founded in 1998 and is the second largest site for new and used cars in the USA. Ads are placed by dealers, but also from private to private for all common brands, models and price ranges.

The name is program. Since 2002, has been offering classic and collector cars for sale on the US car market. The site is considered the largest portal of its kind in the US. Consistently more than 30,000 vehicles are continuously advertised.

Hemmings Motor News is a traditional monthly U.S. car magazine. Under the web presence, vehicles are offered. The focus is on antique, classic and exotic sports cars.

AutotraderClassics is an offshoot of Autotrader and is focused on classic vehicles. Offered is everything that makes the heart of classic car fans beat faster: classic vehicles, vintage cars, muscle cars, collector vehicles, street rods and other rarities of the category 30+.

Auction platforms USA

Bringatrailer is probably the largest auction platform for classic cars and vintage vehicles in the U.S. and has gradually become number 1 since 2007. Here, vehicles are sold by auction. Bids can be placed on advertisements within a certain period of time. The highest bid wins the sale. The other auction platforms operate along similar lines. specializes in "damaged" vehicles. Total economic losses, damaged vehicles or vehicles with a low residual value are auctioned off. The offers come from insurers, dealers, fleet leasing and rental car companies or non-commercial organizations. started in 1996 and has focused on auctioning used, fleet and accident vehicles. A wide range of vehicles is offered - from common models to classic cars and special vehicles. Here, too, the cars come from institutional sellers.

Vehicle portals Canada is the Canadian site of AutoTrader and Canada's largest online car site. You can find new and used cars. Compare prices, get reviews on offers. is the Canadian site of CarGurus and has a large inventory of dealer vehicles that it markets to buyers across Canada. Also, available are reviews of the prices quoted and the performance of the vehicles. is popularly used by Canadians to advertise their "used car" for sale. It is about selling from one person to another. Almost everything is on offer: from small cars to sedans, pickups and SUVs to sporty runabouts. Search filters can be used to search specifically for what you are looking for. is a Canadian online marketplace for new and used cars. Sellers are exclusively certified dealers. Customers can search for cars using various criteria (body style, make, model, location, price range, mileage, etc.).

Auction platforms Canada

At it is the pontoon to in the USA, only for vehicles located in Canada. Please see our notes for buyers without real knowledge of accident vehicles. is a company of IAA, Inc. ( - see above) also focused on automotive total loss and more than 14 company-owned facilities across Canada with high-mileage, older or damaged insurance, rental, fleet, lease, finance and manufacturer vehicles.


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