VW Atlas Cross Sport - Atlas also as SUV Coupé


The VW Atlas is a seven-seater, all-terrain sedan produced at the VW plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee; for the North American market. In Russia, the Middle East, China, and Mexico, the vehicle runs as the VW Teramont. With the VW Atlas Cross Sport, Volkswagen has launched a somewhat "slimmed-down" version which, with its slightly smaller dimensions, is also ideally suited to our domestic roads.

Differences between the "original version" and the Cross Sport variant are largely limited to "looks". With a length of 4.95 meters and a width of 1.99 meters, the VW Atlas Cross Sport is missing only a few millimetres compared to the VW Atlas. The exterior height is also somewhat lower. Nevertheless, the dimensions remain impressive - especially if you compare them with our usual vehicles. In terms of shape, the hatchback stands out in comparison to the Atlas pure version. The seven-seater becomes a five-seater - with plenty of space and seating comfort "in the 2nd row". Also, if the rear seat is folded down, a loading area of around 2,200 litres capacity spreads out. A lot can be stowed away here!

Generosity is the key

The technology is practically identical. Like the VW Atlas, the VW Atlas Cross Sport has two engine versions, buyers can choose between a (TSI) four-cylinder petrol engine (235 PS output) or a VR six-cylinder petrol engine (276 PS output). There is also a choice in terms of drive: front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The interior equipment is functional and without exaggerated luxury, but still appears generously proportioned. What is striking is the comparison to cars from domestic production: due to the larger mass, there is no feeling of confinement, even when fully occupied. Every passenger has enough legroom and freedom of movement - in the front and in the back.

For European car buyers, it might take some getting used to, as there are no extras for the VW Atlas Cross Sport. The vehicle is offered in a total of eight equipment lines, and the buyer must decide which one is best for them. Each equipment line includes a certain spectrum of functionalities. Those who value certain functions, such as parking assistant or digital cockpit, must choose the appropriate equipment line and then, if necessary, accept features that are less in the personal focus.

Inexpensive to have - Import from the US or Canada

The price of the VW Atlas Cross Sport ranges from 30,545 US dollars (entry-level version) to 49,765 US dollars (VR6 engine, four-wheel drive, full equipment), depending on the drive and equipment. Converted into euros (exchange rate 1.125 US dollars/euro), this results in a price range from around 27,150 euros to approx. 44,250 euros. So all in all, a strong vehicle with big interior, a lot of comfort, and a favourable price compared to cars of this class that we offer.

At a normal German VW dealer, you will only yearn when it comes to the VW Atlas Cross Sport. The vehicle is officially intended for the North American market and is only offered there. Good thing that there is the possibility to import cars from the USA. For this, you are exactly at the right place with us. We carry out the import for you at attractive conditions and support you in the purchase - from the conclusion of the sales contract to the delivery of the vehicle directly to your door.

Photo: Volkswagen