Chevrolet Camaro completely revised


The 65th IAA from September 15th to the 22nd of 2013 is casting it's shadow. At the Frankfurt trade fair, Chevrolet will officially present the revised Camaro as a convertible and for the first time in Europe, the coupé. Both vehicle models will be presented in an innovative aerodynamic exterior with many new details.

A powerhouse with over 400 hp

Engine cooling and driving stability have been further improved on the Camaro. This was achieved by reducing lift at the front end - made possible by additional air vents that allow engine heat to dissipate more easily. A 6.2-litre V8 engine with variable valve timing VVT and cylinder deactivation used to power the Camaro. In the six-speed automatic transmission, the engine delivers 405 hp, and while combined with a six-speed manual transmission, up to 432 hp. Thus the Coupé accelerates within 5.2 seconds, and the convertible within 5.4 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour.

Facelift provides even more aesthetics

There are also some changes to the external appearance of the Camaro. The headlights are narrower than before, while the rear is now equipped with one-piece wide lights. The antenna - previously an aesthetically unattractive stub - is now completely recessed into the tailgate. These changes in detail make the Camaro even sleeker and, with its clear contours, powerful bodywork and balanced proportions, it presents itself as a sports car in a class of its own.

More comfort and technology

Inside both models offer additional equipment for more driving comfort. An engine start function integrated into the remote control is available at extra cost, while coupé owners can order Recaro leather sports seats as an optional extra. There are also a number of innovations in the technical interior equipment. The Camaro is equipped with the new My-Link technology, this makes it possible to connect smartphones with corresponding compatibility much better. A seven-inch touchscreen colour monitor displays content such as address directories, music, and photos in a clearly arranged form. The text-to-speech function is also innovative as it allows text messages to be read aloud by the system.  As well as a head-up display that projects important driving data directly and clearly onto the windshield.

Pleasantly affordable: Camaro via US direct import

Especially pleasing is the price for the Camaro remains the same. The convertible costs 44,990 Euros, and the coupé, 39,990 Euros (prices in conjunction with the six-speed manual transmission). Whether as a coupé or a convertible, the Camaro thus remains affordable for men who love a sporty driving style in a vehicle with a correspondingly professional design. The new Camaro is scheduled to be available from dealers at the end of 2013. It is likely to be even more affordable if it is directly imported from the USA. The cost advantage of a direct import may outweigh any downside of the Camaro- such as it's considerable fuel consumption despite improved aerodynamics, variable valve timing, and cylinder deactivation. But, necessary for a car with this kind of engine power!