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Is it worthwhile to import the VW Jetta?


In Germany, the VW Jetta could never quite match the success of the other VW models. The situation on the North American market is quite different. Here the Jetta is still the most popular vehicle of European origin, and has earned itself a good reputation of a sporty sedan.

Since spring 2018, the Jetta VII, the latest VW Jetta has been on the market in North America. It was first presented at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI in January 2018, and sales started in the middle of the year, built within the VW plant in Puebla, Mexico. VW did one better though and presented the Jetta GLI as a sporty version at the Chicago Auto Show in early 2019. This version has been sold in the USA for a good year now.

Compact car with attractive price-performance ratio - VW Jetta

The VW Jetta VII is unfortunately not offered within Europe, and if you must have it, you have to import it. Under certain conditions though, this can be quite worthwhile as the Jetta of the latest generation impresses with a favourable price-performance ratio. Similar to it's predecessor variants, the VW Jetta VII is a typical representative of the compact class. This is also reflected in the dimensions, with a length of 4.7 metres, 1.8 metres wide and 1.47 metres high, as the car fits in well with our road conditions.

A big plus is the generous amount of space in relation to the size of the car. With a wheelbase of 2.69 meters, there is no feeling of tightness inside and is sufficient in legroom. The trunk offers 400 litres of storage space, enough for the luggage of a family on holiday. Not to mention, the interior has a solid finish and meets common demands without being too extravagant. Those who are looking for sophisticated elegance will probably be less enthusiastic about the VW Jetta VII. But on the other hand, if you are looking for functionality, you are well served!

In the "normal version", the VW Jetta VII is powered by a 1.4 litre petrol engine with 110 kW (150 PS), with the maximum torque being 250 Nm. The vehicle is normally offered with a 6-speed manual transmission, but higher equipment versions have an 8-speed automatic transmission. In the "sporty" Jetta GLI, the two-litre petrol engine similar to the Golf VII GTI powers the car with 169 kW (230 PS). A 6-speed manual transmission is also provided as standard, as well as a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission available as an option.

Import most lucrative for recently used cars

The list price for the VW Jetta VII starts at 22,500 US dollars. At US dealerships, you can find offers up to 1,000 dollars below that. That is cheap for a vehicle in this class - compared to the German price level.Though the costs for the import are not included, such as transport to the next major port, shipping, customs clearance and import sales tax. You can get a total price around 30.000 Euro. There is another alternative though!

Importing used jettas can be worthwhile for those who have only a few kilometers to go. Here, a purchase is possible with a total budget of 23,000 euros - import costs included. A car of comparable size and equipment at this price - that's what you have to look forward to with us! Good to know when importing, is that you can rely on our expertise as a long-standing importer of US vehicles.

Photo: Volkswagen

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Import classic cars from the USA. This must be observed!


After the really positive exchange rate in 2008, it is often said that the best cars have already changed hands at this time. However, we can confirm that this is not the case! Every month there are new treasures that enthusiasts import to Europe.

To make sure that the purchase of one of these vehicles does not become a nightmare, we have put together a few things to consider.

Again and again, we receive calls from customers who have found a particularly favourable offer on the Internet and are even prepared to pay in advance for such a "bargain"... but please be warned! Compare the vehicles of different suppliers because no seller will sell a vehicle in excellent condition for 50% less than his competitors.

It is also advisable to make the payment through an escrow service. The payment via our escrow service is carried out before or at pickup and thus guarantees the highest possible security. If you have found a suitable vehicle, ask the seller if he is willing to have his vehicle inspected by an expert before the purchase. Even if you do not want to have a preliminary inspection, this is a good indicator whether the seller is serious or not. With our USCT-AutoCheck, you are able to get an impression of a vehicle without being on site yourself.

Many sellers want a deposit of $500 - $1,000 which can usually be paid via PayPal. This is very common and confirms your interest in buying the vehicle. If it does come to problems, you are protected by the PayPal buyer protection. Here you have the possibility to claim back the amount within 45 days after payment. Please note the separate guidelines of PayPal.

When shipping vehicles from the USA, please know that cheap is not always good. Here there are different possibilities, such as the transport by RoRo, with which the vehicle is transported on a ship similar to a parking deck. Since it must go fast during loading and unloading, the vehicles are not handled with kid gloves.
A shipment in a container is no less "dangerous", but we prefer it. Here too, the price makes the music. The cheaper the freight rate, the more additional cargo is in a container. We advise to load the containers with two to maximum, three vehicles. For customers who only have one vehicle transported, this must of course be clarified in advance with the respective service provider, as the vehicle should arrive in the same condition as it left the seller. In the near future we will add some more questions from customers so that you are prepared for the purchase/shipping.

Please do not hesitate to send us further questions which we will be happy to include here.

Your team from USCar-Trader.com

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