Conversion and TÜV Approval for Imported Vehicles

Conversion and TÜV Approval for Imported Vehicles

Converting and obtaining TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) approval for vehicles, especially from the USA, Canada, and other third countries, is an essential step to register these vehicles in Germany. Our experts at various locations in Germany specialize in this process, ensuring a smooth transition.

Conversion and TÜV approval of imported vehicles

Technical Conversion and TÜV Approval for Imported Vehicles

Importing a vehicle from overseas often requires technical modifications to meet German and European standards. This is especially true for vehicles from the USA, Canada, and other third countries.

Why is a conversion necessary?

Each country has its technical and safety-related specifications for vehicles. To register an imported vehicle in Germany, modifications often need to be made concerning lighting, emission and noise standards, and safety regulations. The process of technical adaptation and verification concerning registration guidelines is referred to as conversion or homologation.

Our Service for Your Conversion and TÜV Approval

Our experts handle the conversion and TÜV approval at various locations in Germany. Thanks to our extensive experience in vehicle import and the corresponding expertise, we can offer you an efficient and professional service.

Benefits of our service:

  • Technical adaptation and TÜV approval at multiple locations in Germany.
  • Comprehensive expertise of our staff and partners.
  • A conversion and TÜV approval in Germany by us also offers the advantage of a potential day registration. This provides you with German vehicle documents, which significantly simplifies registration in other EU countries.

Additional Information on Conversion

For the TÜV approval to obtain the §21 full acceptance, the presentation of the title, vehicle data sheet, photometric report, and emission behavior report is required.

TÜV SÜD provides additional information on the requirements and the conversion process on their website.

Required documents for conversion and TÜV approval:

  • US Title/MSO or Ownership (for imports from Canada)
  • Vehicle data sheet
  • Photometric report
  • Report on emission behavior

Apart from the US Title/MSO or Ownership, which is provided by the customer or is already available to us in case of an import by us, we take care of the additionally required documents during the conversion.

Technical Condition as a Key Factor in TÜV Approval

A significant factor influencing the conversion of imported vehicles is the vehicle's overall condition. It's essential to emphasize that the costs for the conversion and the associated adjustments heavily depend on the imported vehicle's technical condition.

Vehicles being converted for the German market must not only meet specific requirements for imported vehicles but also the general technical standards applicable to all vehicles. This means that an imported vehicle, regardless of its origin, must be in perfect technical condition to pass the TÜV approval.

If defects are detected during the inspection, such as faulty brakes, worn tires, or other components that do not meet the Road Traffic Regulations, these parts must be replaced or repaired before the vehicle receives approval. This can incur additional costs that go beyond the standard conversion costs.

It is therefore advisable to conduct a thorough technical inspection before importing a vehicle or ensure that the vehicle is already in a condition that meets German standards. This can not only save time and money but also ensure that the conversion process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Final Steps for Registration

After successful conversion and TÜV approval, the vehicle's registration is next. Of course, we also support you in this step and are at your side with advice and action.

For registration, you will need the following documents:

  • Report for obtaining the §21 full acceptance
  • US Title/MSO or Ownership
  • Purchase invoice or Bill of Sale
  • Tax assessment or ZUB for moving goods
  • Registration certificate for moving goods

If you have any further questions or uncertainties, we are always available by email or phone.