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Purchase & Import from North America: How it Works with Us

Day 1

Register with us

Register with us

Day 1-2

Find your Vehicle

Find your Vehicle

Day 2-3

Assign Service Contract

Assign Service Contract

Day 3-6

Inspection of your vehicle

Inspection of your vehicle

Day 6-7

Purchase Handling

Purchase Handling

Day 7-9

Payment for your vehicle

Payment for your vehicle

Day 9-16

Escrow Service & Ground Shipping

Escrow Service & Ground Shipping

Day 16-56

Ocean Shipping to Bremerhaven

Ocean Shipping to Bremerhaven

Day 56-60

Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance

Day 60-70



Day 70-75

Delivery to door

Delivery to door

USCar Trader Magazine

USCar Trader in the VOX Spotlight: Revolutionizing North American Car Imports

USCar Trader in the VOX Spotlight: Revolutionizing North American Car Imports

USCar Trader, was recently featured in an informative documentary of VOX Automotive Magazine, broadcast on December 10, 2023. This program provides a detailed insight into our innovative approach to importing vehicles from the USA and Canada.

USCar Trader's Comprehensive Service

With access to over 4 million vehicles, USCar Trader is revolutionizing the traditional vehicle import process. As shown in the VOX Automotive Magazine, we offer a service that resembles local vehicle purchase, simplifying the car buying and import process from North America.

Why Choose USCar Trader for Importing?

Over 50,000 dealers from the USA and Canada present a wide spectrum of vehicles on our platform, from the latest models to classic vintage cars. This diverse offering makes USCar Trader the first choice for importing American vehicles.

USCar Trader Focus at VOX

The VOX documentary emphasizes that our service goes far beyond a simple online marketplace. We provide complete support in purchasing and importing vehicles, ensuring the process is safe and straightforward for our customers.

Summary and Invitation to Further Explore

We are excited to invite you to learn more about our services and our extensive range of vehicles. Discover on our website how we make the process of car buying and importing from the USA and Canada safer, more efficient, and customer-friendly.



About USCar Trader

USCar Trader — Your Easy Access to the Largest Auto Market in the World

The US automotive market remains unrivaled worldwide when it comes to the breadth and diversity of vehicle offerings. Many sought-after vehicles can be found here, which are difficult to find at European dealerships.

Even re-imports of popular brands from European manufacturers can be financially attractive.

This is because prices in the USA or Canada are often significantly cheaper than in Europe. If you want to benefit from this, you've come to the right place


The Largest Online Portal for Vehicles from the USA and Canada in Europe

USCar Trader is the auto portal that provides you with convenient and easy access to vehicles from the USA and Canada - online.

No matter what vehicle you are looking for - whether it's a new car, used car, youngtimer or classic cars, sedan, convertible or SUV - you are guaranteed to find it with us. Even if you only have a limited budget available!

On this site, we present offers from more than 50,000 dealers in the USA and Canada, representing a total of around 4 million American cars across all model and price ranges.

This makes USCar Trader the largest European online portal for vehicles from North America by far. With our partners, you can rely on years of experience and extensive knowledge of the American vehicle market.

You not only benefit from a huge selection but also from a variety of services related to your car purchase.

The international shipping company SATS Group specializes in importing vehicles from the USA and Canada to Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as all other countries in Europe and takes care of the transportation of the offered vehicles.

Our Operating Principle — Auto Online Marketplace and Targeted Search

The operating principle at USCar Trader is the same as at other well-known car portals — for example, or

We offer you an online platform that enables a very efficient search for new and used cars, classic cars, and american cars.

This is more than useful given the gigantic range of offers in North America. Key differences to or we focus exclusively on the US and Canadian auto markets, while focuses on Germany, and on Germany and other EU countries.

With us, it's about car purchases, while and are about buying and selling vehicles in Europe.

inside the car

Search Function as the Key to Your Vehicle Selection

Like other portals, the search function is the central key to quickly finding what you are looking for. Want to buy Classic Cars or research offers for American SUVs? Interested in a Ford Mustang or a Chevrolet Corvette?

With the provided search function, you can find what you want in no time. Highly sought-after vehicles such as Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban, Dodge Ram, or VW Atlas are also offered in abundance on

If you want to buy a car from the USA, simply go to the "Classic Cars" category in the search function. You can fine-tune your search using criteria such as "brand" and "model" — for example, specifically looking for a Ford Mustang or a Chevrolet Corvette.

Other search criteria include "vehicle type", vehicle age, mileage, and offer price. For the last three criteria, you can set the ranges you consider relevant.

An even more precise and targeted search is possible using the "advanced search" function. In-depth and Independent Information on Each Vehicle

Only the vehicles that meet your specified search criteria will be displayed. From the 3 million US cars in our portal, within seconds, perhaps only half a dozen vehicles that are truly interesting for you remain. They meet your exact requirements, making it much easier to make a decision.

Essential vehicle data is displayed for each vehicle, and images provide an external impression. With our Vehicle History Report, you can order a comprehensive and independent report on the vehicle's history, taking into account all available data in North America.

You can also request a quote for our wide range of additional services related to your vehicle purchase. The contact details of the respective dealer are also provided. Buying Classic Cars, Muscle Cars, American SUVs, or other American Cars has never been easier!

Why We Are More Than Just an Online Marketplace for US Vehicles in Europe!

We are more than just an online marketplace for vehicles from across the Atlantic. We offer the highest safety and quality standards when purchasing US import cars and ensure hassle-free transportation and complete processing for direct imports.

You don't even have to be on-site for the purchase and can still look forward to your vehicle with peace of mind. We stand for transparency, trustworthiness, and reliability. Whether you want to buy US muscle cars, other US oldtimers, or new vehicles — even from a distance, you won't be buying the proverbial "pig in a poke" with us.